Friday, December 5, 2008

Tree Dressing

Photo: Jon Nicholls

This year's tree dressing event was held in Telemann Square on Friday 5th December. Organised by the Greenwich Food Co-op, New Horizons and Thomas Tallis School, participants created lanterns in the shape of fruit and vegetables to promote healthy lifestyles and paraded through the Ferrier Estate to the accompaniment of the Bollywood Brass Band. Emergency Exit Arts created a brilliant firework display and everyone was treated to Rosa's fabulous soup in the Community Centre at the end of the proceedings. We are already planning an even bigger and better event for next year.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kidbrooke Photographs

Image by Short Sharp Shot

Here are a couple of links to Flickr pages featuring photographs of the Ferrier Estate and beyond:

Waterford Man's images are mostly taken in and around The Ferrier Estate and capture its current state of disrepair.

Iqbal Aalam has collected some historic photographs of the Ferrier on his pages, including images of the estate in the early 70s given to him by the project architects.

Nicobobinus presents us with an expressive, insider's view of the estate.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Berkeley Homes office opens to the public

On Wednesday 23rd July, Berkeley Homes opened their offices at the old Meadowside Leisure Centre to the general public. Inside is an exhibition about the redevelopment of the Ferrier Estate, including Thomas Tallis School. The building has been clad in corrugated metal sheets and security measures are strict to say the least. Nevertheless, it's good to see evidence of imminent activity. Hoardings have gone up across the estate with details of yet further meetings with regard to achieving planning permission. The contrast between the huge new signs and the old maps of the estate (long since rendered indecipherable by graffiti) is poignant.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kidbrooke Carnival and the Talent Tent

Here are a few images from today's Kidbrooke Carnival which featured the Scrap Kingdom Party. Artists from Taru, supported by a grant from the Arts Council and Thomas Tallis School, worked with several local schools and community groups for three weeks to create carnival costumes, samba drums and recycling monsters. Today, the various groups met in Sutcliffe Park where the parade began at midday. Winding its way through the Ferrier Estate, collecting local residents along the way, the parade eventually arrived in Telemann Square where the crowd and participants were treated to drumming and dancing, fresh fruit, a welcome drink and capoeira. Art4Kidbrooke was represented by the Talent Tent. Here, local people could offer their views of the Art4Kidbrooke project, nominate a talent and register their contact details so that we can continue to provide activities and events that respond to local people's needs. The day was a huge success thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of the artists and participants.

Photos by Jon Nicholls

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bubble Thoughts

Image: Bubble thought (by Jon Nicholls)

WHY Art for Kidbrooke?

- Create sustainable projects and networks among communities of Kidbrooke.
- Celebrate and support the creativity of local communities.
- Engage communities in the changing landscape and physical environment.
- Respond to and feed into the regeneration of the area.
- Make connections to people and places.
- Facilitate communication between groups and individuals during the regeneration.


Students, Residents, Families,
Young people, School leavers,
Parents, Older People, Visitors, Workers,
Teachers, Everyone...

Image: Bubble thought (by Jon Nicholls)


How can you document the past, present and future of Kidbrooke?

Film documentary directed by and involving local people about the regeneration of the Ferrier
Community play or musical tapping into the musical heritage of Kidbrook
- Make a Book – Voices of the Ferrier 2!
Digital Archive / website / DVD of past projects on the Ferrier

What are the opportunities Art for kidbrooke could offer you?

Create intergenerational and cross-cultural links
- Build skills and training
Celebrate cultural heritages
Employ local people

How does Art for Kidbrooke relate to the bigger picture of art and regeneration?

- Connecting to other communities in areas of regeneration

trips to see and meet other community art projects
workshops, screenings and presentations by residents and artists from other places

How could you use Thomas Tallis School:

Parenting clubs
Links to Greenwich community college
Vocational qualifications
1:1 counselling

Image: Bubble thought (by Jon Nicholls)


How will all this happen?

Art for Kidbrooke ‘Gang’ – a network and working group of individuals representing past, present and future communities of Kidbrooke – meeting monthly to network, develop ideas for projects and oversee the production of projects.

Would you want to be part of this?

How do you want to be involved in Art for Kidbrooke?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Community art Proposals from Thomas Talis BTEC Students